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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

IRS seeks ex-lawyer’s Amherst home

CONCORD – The Internal Revenue Service seeks to collect more than $300,000 from a former Nashua lawyer who admitted stealing more than $1 million from his clients, court records show.

The IRS filed a civil claim on Friday against James B. Hobbs. The case also names Hobbs’ wife, several bank accounts and others who also may be owed money by Hobbs, including the town of Amherst and Hobbs’ main victim, Jeffrey Krah.

The IRS seeks to force the sale of a property owned by the Hobbses at 22 Aglipay Drive, Amherst, against which the agency has filed numerous tax liens.

The suit claims Hobbs owes $316,203.81 in taxes, interest and late fees.

Hobbs, 52, formerly of Mont Vernon, is serving a prison sentence of 10-20 years for theft, forgery and perjury. Hobbs admitted in 2006 that he stole more than $1 million from several clients, about half of it from the estate of a Nashua woman and slightly more than half from the estate of a former attorney who’d intended his savings to care for his disabled daughter.

Hobbs claimed few assets and a host of debts totaling $744,000 at the time of his arrest. The court appointed a public defender to represent him. While he admitted stealing the funds, he never said where the money went.

Prosecutors said it appeared Hobbs spent the money on personal expenses, a new car and his home in Mont Vernon. One prosecutor, Assistant Attorney General John Gasaway, called Hobbs “one of the most, if not the most, ethically compromised attorneys in the history of the New Hampshire Bar Association.”

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