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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Longevity payouts add up for Nashua

NASHUA – With three and a half months left in the fiscal year, Nashua so far has shelled out $608,715 in longevity pay to workers.

Of that amount, more than half – $343,945, to be exact – was given to 366 school department employees, an average of about $940 per person.

Another $62,304 was given to 94 members of the Police Department, for an average of about $663 per person.

The Department of Public Works saw $53,700 given to 73 workers, an average of about $736 per person.

However, the highest average per person was at the fire department, where $148,765 in longevity pay was spread among 122 employees – an average of about $1,219.

Longevity pay is given to city employees based on their years of service.

It’s one of the factors that increases a city employee’s total earnings during a year.

All Nashua salaries and gross pay can be searched at using a salary calculator posted during Sunshine Week.

How the longevity pay is paid out is established in union contracts.

For the last fiscal year, the city paid out $621,281.

In 2009, the city gave out a total of $672,398 in longevity payments.

A fiscal year begins July 1 and runs through June 30. The city currently is in fiscal 2011.

Fire Department officials and firefighters earned the top 37 amounts of longevity pay.

Fire Chief Brian Morrisey topped the list for 2011, pulling in $3,344.43 in longevity pay. Overall, Morrissey earned $124,732.13 in gross pay, the fourth-highest amount in the city.

Morrissey was followed by the assistant chief and the four deputy chiefs.

More teachers than any other category of employees received longevity pay. In total, 207 teachers received longevity amounts ranging from $281-$1,688, depending on a teacher’s years on the job.

Forty-five school custodians have received longevity checks so far in fiscal 2011, with amounts ranging from $250-$750.

The amount of pay varies widely within a department. At the Police Department, the low was $100, while the highest amount was $1,450.

Public works employees’ longevity pay ranged from $300-$1,100.

Overall, 311 employees received longevity pay of more than $1,000 so far this fiscal year, and 148 have received pay of more than $1,500.

Conversely, 346 workers received pay of less than $1,000, and 232 of less than $500.

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