Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pole checked after dog zapped

Andrew Wolfe

NASHUA - Police and firefighters have asked Public Service of New Hampshire to check out a utility pole at the corner of Pine and West Hollis Streets after a pit bull dog suffered an electrical shock, apparently from a ground wire, at around 10:20 Wednesday morning.

The dog was stricken upon coming into contact with the pole, and police and firefighters were both called out to help. The incident was initially reported as an electrocution, but the dog recovered from the shock, police and Nashua Fire Deputy Daniel Cronin report.

“He (owner) said the dog jumped about eight feet,” Cronin said, but it recovered and was sporting about by the time firefighters left, he added.

Stray voltage from worn out or damaged wiring (and other causes) has increasingly become a problem in urban environments around the world, according to a Web site devoted to the issue, The problem gained attention in New York City after a dog walker was killed upon stepping on a metal plate in a Manhattan sidewalk in 2004. The death of Jodie Lane resulted in a $6.2 million settlement with her family, and new inspections and regulations, the New York Times reported. Four years later, the local utility, Con Edison, reported that it had found and fixed 5,427 cases of stray voltage in the city in 2007, and reports of electric shocks had declined by 78 percent, from 210 in 2004 to 46 in 2007, the Times reported in 2008.