Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Doctor describes all 32 wounds inflicted in fatal attack

NASHUA – The state has rested in Steven Spader’s murder case after medical examiner Jennie Duval described all 32 wounds Kimberly Cates suffered last fall.

Several of the wounds were shown to the jury but not on an overhead projector used throughout the trial.

After the state rested, Spader’s defense attorneys made a motion to dismiss all of the charges, and spoke specifically about the witness tampering charge. Andrew Winters said the state’s evidence on that charge was contradictory at best.

Senior assistant attorney general Jeff Strelzin said just the letters Spader wrote in jail that an inmate, Chad Landry, read yesterday were enough to prove all of the charges. Judge Gillian Abramson denied the motion.

The court went into recess at the defense attorneys request when Abramson asked them how they would proceed.