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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Man linked to Stanleys faces trouble in Nevada

In 2006, the Nevada State Contractors Board cited Samuel Valentine Stewart for violations stemming from an alleged paving scam in Las Vegas.

Doing business as Metro Paving, Stewart offered a bid on a parking lot Feb. 7, 2006, the board charged. Metro Paving was licensed in Arizona, but not Nevada, the board’s press release states, and unlicensed contracting is a misdemeanor in Nevada for the first offense, with increased penalties for subsequent violations.

“He (Stewart) is believed to be operating illegally with two other “traveler” companies that were recently identified soliciting business along Boulder Highway under the names of CAP Parking Lots Paving, using a phony Las Vegas address, and J.H. Stanley, using a Gardena, Calif., address,” the Nevada Board warned, adding that neither company was licensed in Nevada, California or Arizona.

Stewart had an Illinois driver’s license at the time, and was driving a late model Ford pick-up truck with Illinois plates, the press release stated. His associates drove older Chevrolets, hauling paving equipment on a flatbed trailer.

“These illegal pavers’ workmanship of cold-rolled paving for potholes and entire commercial parking lots is substandard and will deteriorate rapidly,” the board warned.

According to public records and an investigator who works for a collections agency in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Samuel Valentine Stewart is married to April Stanley Stewart, a daughter of Cornelius V. Stanley of Nashua, who owns CVS Paving.

In addition to living recently at 32 Yarmouth Drive, Nashua, and occasionally working with CVS Paving, Stewart has lived or given addresses in Arizona, California, Illinois, Nevada and at 61 Hagop Road, Salem.

According to public records, Samuel Valentine Stewart lived most recently at 32 Yarmouth Drive, Nashua, but according to the “skip trace” investigator who spoke with The Telegraph, he moved from there to a trailer park in El Paso, Texas. The collections agency is trying to track down a Peterbuilt truck that Stewart reported stolen in Fontana, Calif., in September 2008, she said.

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