Gallery at The Wall

Telegraph photos by MATHEW PLAMONDON "Together We Rise!” by Emily Kaylee-Rose Taylor, 13, of Pennichuck Middle School.
Telegraph photos by MATHEW PLAMONDON “Timeless” by Ariana Tomala, 16, of Nashua High School South.

NASHUA – For the last couple of months, students from the Nashua School District, the Adult Learning Center and Clearway Alternative High School have been nose deep in art projects for the Gallery at the Wall.

Gallery at the Wall will be located at Rotary Common Park, Home of the Reflection Garden & Labyrinth, at 315 Main St. This year’s theme for the wall is, “Together We Rise! – Weaving the Social and Cultural Fabric of Nashua Through the Celebration of Diversity and Inclusion.”

Students across the city have interpreted that phrase in their own ways, and it showed on Monday afternoon as all the projects were displayed across the tables at Charlotte Avenue Elementary School. Hundreds of projects covered the tables in the art classroom, library and an extra room.

Students had until Friday to complete projects that align with the theme “Together We Rise!” Projects were then delivered to Charlotte Avenue art teacher Meghan Durden.

Monday, nearly 10 judges gathered at Charlotte Avenue Elementary School to take on the task of sifting through hundreds of projects and narrowing down the finalists. The artwork was separated into four categories: grades K-2, grades 3-5, grades 6-8, and grades 9-12.

With each category, the judges used colored sticky notes to rank their choices: first, second and third. Sticky notes were placed on the back of the artwork. Once the choices were made, the artwork was condensed. There was also a section for the Adult Learning Center and Clearway Alternative High School, grades 9-12. For these institutions, an additional four exceptional pieces were chosen, on top of the final six.

Selections were first made for the panels, which will be displayed at Rotary Common Park. A professional photographer will be taking pictures of the final artwork to develop them into an acrylic painting, which will then be placed on the wall.

Selections were also made for the panel honorable mentions, which will appear in an exhibit May 4 at 201 Main St., the former Alec’s Shoes building, and for The Telegraph lobby exhibit. Winners will soon be announced.

The panels will be on display from May 2019 to April 2021. The opening reception is set for 2 p.m. May 4, which is immediately after the 1 p.m. Walk for World Peace at the Reflection Garden & Labyrinth.

The Gallery at the Wall Committee is still looking to raise $4,500 to assist with this project. The money will go toward maintenance. To donate, visit or the GoFundMe link can be found at

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