School Choice information provided

NASHUA — School Choice for New Hampshire hosted an information session surrounding homeschooling at the Nashua Public Library last week.

Michelle Levell, School Choice for New Hampshire director and Granite State Home Educators co-founder, said she hosted information sessions around the state. Levell said in all, the organization has talked to about 250 families.

Levell said during these discussions, her group told the parents where they can find different group to connect with on social media. Locally, there is a Facebook group for homeschool families called Greater Nashua Homeschoolers.

In terms of receiving a traditional public school education versus a homeschool education or a charter school education, Levell said, “Education is not one-size-fits-all. Even at a really great school, there will still be children who don’t fit. Typically it can be an an academic issue, a student needs more challenge or more time with something.”

She added, “There are different ways to customize your kid’s education. I really just try to help parents know they have alternatives, and help them figure out where to go.”

On, it states that New Hampshire celebrated National School Choice Week 2019 with 134 events and activities across the state. It is also noted that there are a variety of school choice options available for many of the 267,000 children living in New Hampshire.