United Way collecting items for Community Baby Shower

Today’s donation drive runs from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. at Nashua High School North

NASHUA – It takes a village to raise a child and United Way of Greater Nashua is looking to the community for support with their second Community Baby Shower.

They’ve run into some minor issues with securing donation collection locations, and are now looking for willing businesses to act as collection sites, as well as getting the word out about the upcoming drive.

Aside from the collection locations, the United Way will also be holding a donation drive from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. today at Nashua High School North.

“It’s very urgent to secure more locations or for the drive on April 7 to be successful,” Susan McHugh, event co-chair with United Way of Greater Nashua said.

Time is of the essence, as the baby shower is scheduled for the first week of May. Unfortunately, the United Way is running into issues this year that didn’t come up the first time around. Those issues revolve around not being able to collect at certain sites, including Walmart where they were able to collect donations on a few weekends last year.

However, United Way of Greater Nashua President Mike Apfelberg is staying optimistic.

“I look at that as an opportunity to find different ways of doing things,” Apfelberg said. “I’m not concerned with those being issues.”

He said the group may be able to set up a collection location at Stellos Stadium or Shaws. So, they’re working around these issues the best they can.

“Last year we were at Walmart on some Saturdays, and Walmart has decided to discontinue that as an option,” McHugh said.

She said they had also secured Toys R Us as a site to do three collection dates, one in March and two in April, but with the company going out of businesses she said they can’t do it at that location.

As a result, McHugh said, “Collecting and doing the company drives is more important than ever in the past.”

Right now, she said there are some companies in the area who will be doing drives.

Also chipping in as donation centers are area banks, the City of Nashua at City Hall and some area schools.

“We have like eight or nine so far to do drives, but the problem is that you don’t see what you’re going to collect until the end of it,” McHugh said.

On the other hand, she said if businesses are willing and able to become a drop off location that they can provide boxes, flyers and all the necessary supplies.

The Day of Caring Community Baby Shower benefits low income, new mothers and fathers in Greater Nashua by helping them get started out as parents. These new parents will receive information, resources and a chance to use accumulated points to make purchases at the Baby Boutique.

“The whole approach with this baby shower is the idea to connect with people and get them sort of jump started on life with their newborn,” Apfelberg said. “It’s a lot of work to pull it together, but it’s a simple concept.”

McHugh said parents are identified through various agencies, and then receive an invitation to come. It’s not something anyone can just show up to.

“They go through programs and they get points to shop in the boutique, and it’s set up with clothes and donated strollers,” McHugh said.

She said they’ll also be doing raffles at the baby shower, but until then they’re working on collecting those donations. Things they’re looking to receive include gently used baby clothes, strollers and Little Tike playsets.

“Everything that goes along with a baby,” McHugh said.

However, she did mention two exceptions.

“The only two things we can’t accept are used car seats and used cribs,” McHugh said.

However, as she said, all other things that go along with a baby are okay to donate. Collections will go through April 28, to allow for enough time to get everything together.

“We know the community, and not just Nashua, but it’s surrounding communities, has very generous people,” McHugh said. “When they know about something they’re willing to help out. We hope people are willing to assist once the word is out.”

Anyone interested in becoming a collection site can do so by contacting United Way of Greater Nashua at 882-4011.

More information about the Day of Caring Community Baby Shower and volunteer options can be found online at www.


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