Judge accused for forging evaluations

NASHUA — New Hampshire’s Judicial Review Committee is bringing formal charges against Nashua District Court Judge Paul S. Moore, alleging he forged dozens of judicial evaluations.

Moore, who was removed from his office in the Nashua district court house last year with no public explanation, now has 30 to answer the charges brought by the committee. According to a statement of charges released Monday, Moore faked dozens of reviews submitted as part of an annual evaluation process.

Starting in July, the state received 16 evaluations supposedly from lawyers and others who appeared before Moor in less than 24 hours, all with perfect scores for the judge in every category, according to the charges.

“Several of the evaluations which were submitted on Tuesday, July 11, 2017 contained narrative comments containing phrases that Judge Moore was known to use frequently in his dictated orders and a number of these evaluations contained punctuation marks such as exclamation points which are not normally seen in such judicial evaluations,” the statement of charges allege.

The Telegraph has been attempting to obtain public records on Moore for months, the today’s statement comes as art of the Telegraph’s Right to Know efforts.

Full story will appear in Tuesday’s print edition of the Telegraph.