Four suspects charged in October kidnapping, terrorizing, stabbing are indicted

NASHUA – The four local men arrested in late October on charges accusing them of beating, cutting and threatening with a gun another man while holding him hostage are among the individuals for whom the Hillsborough County Superior Court South grand jury handed down indictments in December.

Christopher A. Dallas-Koziol, 31, Jeremiah Starkweather, 42, and Jonathan Emery and Shane MacKenzie, both 38, were each indicted on one count of kidnapping, a Class A felony, according to the indictments.

Dallas-Koziol and MacKenzie were also each indicted on one count of criminal threatening – deadly weapon, Class B felony, while a third indictment was handed down for Dallas-Koziol on the Class A felony charge of first-degree assault with a deadly weapon.

An indictment is not an indication, or proof of, guilt, but represents the Grand Jury’s determination that enough evidence exists for prosecutors to move the case forward in Superior Court.

The men allegedly went to a residence in the city’s French Hill section the night of Oct. 22 to “speak with the (alleged) victim about the death of one of their friends,” Lt. Craig Allard said at the time.

While police didn’t confirm it at the time, indications were that the alleged victim had sold the men’s friend drugs, on which the friend overdosed and later died.

Police first arrested Emery, then of 23 Temple St., Apt. 419, and Starkweather, of no fixed address, and charged each with kidnapping.

Officers then tracked down and arrested Dallas-Koziol and MacKenzie, police said.

They were accused of “acting in concert” with one another in holding the man hostage and terrorizing him by pointing a handgun at him and threatening to kill him.

Police said the alleged victim was eventually able to escape by stabbing two of the men then fleeding the residence.

He was found a block away “wearing only shorts … a substantial amount of blood covered his head, face and torso area due to having several cuts and abrasions,” police said.

He told police he had been “held against his will by

numerous males and had to fight his way out of the apartment,” according to their reports.

All four suspects are currently incarcerated at Valley Street jail in Manchester, according to the indictments.

Other indictments handed down by the December grand jury for Hillsborough South follow.

Jake Laport, 28, of no fixed address, Boston. One count each, second-degree assault – serious bodily injury, extended term felony; kidnapping – serious bodily injury, and theft, amount more than $1,501, Class A felonies; and second-degree assault – serious bodily injury, Class B felony, for allegedly tying the alleged victim’s arms and legs together, beating him by punching and kicking him, causing a laceration to the liver, a broken rib and a brain bleed, and under circumstances manifesting exceptional cruelty, and stealing the alleged victim’s truck, on April 4 in Nashua.

David Greenblatt, 47, of 46 Bay Ridge Drive, Apt. 1, Nashua. Two counts, aggravated felonious sexual assault, unclassified felonies; and one couont, tampering with witnesses, Class B felony, for allegedly engaging in sexual acts with a female while she was physically helpless to resist due to intoxication, on Aug. 10 and 11, and attempting to induce the mother of the alleged victim into “making the case go away immediately … and that he would go to DCYF … so her other children would be taken away,” on Aug. 19, all in Nashua.

Monique Cook, 46, 1 Spruce St., Hudson. One count each, issuing bad checks, amount in excess of $1,501; and theft, amount in excess of $1,501, Class A felonies; and one count, issuing bad checks, amount $1,001-$1,500, Class B felony, for allegedly issuing two checks for $2,850 and $1,250 to another party knowing the account had insufficient funds, on Dec. 12, 2016 in Hudson, and for excercising unauthorized control over the property of an individual with a mental or physical disability, between Nov.1, 2016, and May 31, 2017, in Hudson.

James Brunelle, 43, of 33 1/2 Manchester St., Apt. B, Nashua. Two counts, financial exploitation of an elderly or impaired individual, Class A felonies, for allegedly breaching his obligation as durable power of attorney by failing to use the alleged victim’s Social Security checks to provide goods and services to the alleged victim, and instead using the checks for his benefit, between Sept. 30 and Nov. 21, in Nashua.

James Bourque, 47, of 10 Maple St., Nashua. Two counts, felonious sexual assault – sexual contact, victim under age 13; and one count, felonious sexual assault – domestic violence, sexual contact, victim under age 13, for allegedly grabbing the buttocks of a female under age 13 twice between July 20 and Aug. 4 and twice on Sept. 16, in Nashua.

David Jhaver, 35, of 2 Westminster Drive, Nashua. Two counts, aggravated felonious sexual assault, special felonies, for allegedly perpetrating sexual acts upon a female under age 13 on more than one occasion over a period of time greater than two months but less than five years, between July 1, 2016, and June 30, 2017, in Nashua.

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