Mystery liquid leads to evacuation at Pelham High School

PELHAM – Police say a mysterious and smelly liquid caused a possible safety hazard at Pelham High School Tuesday afternoon, forcing students to evacuate the building.

A student brought in some sort of unknown liquid in a soda or iced tea type bottle to school on Tuesday, said Lt. Anne Perriello.

“It did have a little bit of an odor to it, which is what caused the incident,” Perriello said.

The School resources officer found out about the liquid around 11:25 a.m., and alerted administration staff. More officers were called to the school to investigate the situation.

Perriello said there are no charges filed, though the investigation is still ongoing.

Students were removed from the building and first sent to the elementary school before busses were called and school was dismissed for the day. Officials conducted an air quality test at the high school, which was negative, Perriello said.

Staff was allowed back into the building later Tuesday.