Sununu backs Nashua bagpipe company

Gibson cannot sell Nashua-made product on international market

Adam Urquhart Governor Chris Sununu wrote a letter to Secretary Perdue and Secretary Zinke on behalf of Gibson Bagpipes LLC in Nashua, New Hampshire. They’re located at 29 Mason St. and have been struggling with a permitting issue for months.

NASHUA – Gov. Chris Sununu is petitioning federal agencies on behalf of a bagpipe company losing market share because of red tape.

“In this age of trying to find ways to help businesses grow and cutting back on excess governmental regulation, I hope you will find a way to help Gibson Bagpipes,” Sununu wrote in a letter to Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue and Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke.

Gibson was one of the leading bagpipe manufacturers in the world until a new regulation came down from the federal government in January, restricting the company from selling its product to overseas customers.

Gibson Bagpipes, with a manufacturing shop on Mason Street, is still the largest manufacturer of bagpipes in the United States. All of the pipes are handmade in the Nashua shop using African Blackwood, or specialty wood from Honduras and Costa Rica.

These woods are listed by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora as in need of conservation. Under new rules, the company is required to get permits from the government in order to sell their products overseas. Unfortunately for Gibson, a government snafu is keeping them from having the right permits.

When the new regulation wet into effect, the company applied for the proper permit to continue selling overseas, but according to Sununu’s letter, the Gibson application was “lost” when it was sent into the federal agencies. The company reapplied for the permit, but the official paperwork is still pending.

Sununu is asking the agency heads to help the company compete and get its bagpipes shipping once again.

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