Eversource: Remaining Nashua homes should be back online today

NASHUA – Only a handful of homes in Nashua are still without power after Sunday night’s windstorm downed utility poles and trees across the region.

Eversource, the state’s main utility, provides an outage map on its website, which monitors how many homes in a given area are without power.

At around 8 a.m. on Thursday, the projected number was a little over 50, which had fallen to about 32 by the afternoon.

However, around 4 p.m. Thursday evening, the number had multiplied by almost 10 times, with 275 customers in Nashua without power.

“That number can go up for any number of reasons,” Martin Murray, a representative for Eversource said. “Sometimes branches or limbs that are hung up in trees come down and cause more problems,” he said, and noted that with lower numbers, it is usually a series of smaller issues that are causing the outages.

By nightfall, the number had decreased to only 25 homes.

Nashua is listed on the Eversource website as being “substantially complete” in power restoration, which means they have restored electricity to the majority of


For those remaining homes and neighborhoods, power should be

back on no later than Friday morning, Murray said.

The same is projected for the more than

12,000 residents in the whole state who are still without.

Martin also said that when handling a disaster, the company first restores power to emergency facilities such as police stations and hospitals, then moves on to the largest places which will affect the most people.

The outages done last, he said, are usually the most labor intensive, which could also account for the spike in outages as they try to handle more complicated


After the storm hit Sunday night and continued into Monday morning, 27 percent of the city’s power was down, said Justin Kates, director of emergency


The remaining 25 homes account for 0.06 percent, a considerable decrease.

But for the people who still do not have power, that is of little


One customer who lives in Biscayne Parkway said that if he had known the power would not be on until Friday, he would have rented a hotel, but instead, was left “freezing” and in the dark.

Karen Dapkus, who reported having to skirt driveways and take a shortcut through the woods just to get to work, said her neighborhood also is still without power, although is optimistic it will be resolved soon.

“They have cleaned up the wires and also the tree that was blocking the road and, yesterday, they put in the new poles, so we’re getting there,” she wrote in an email. At least we can get our cars out now … no more going through the woods.”

Eversource still is in “emergency mode,” and is directing customers to call back another day for non-outage related needs.

Murray estimated that regular business should resume Friday, but if not, by Monday.

Hannah LaClaire can be reached at 594-1243 or hlaclaire@nashuatelegraph.com.