Sununu clears 1,600 regulations

Will focus new commission on further reform

Gov. Chris Sununu eliminated 1,600 state rules and regulation, dealing with banking, finance, grants, licensing, and other areas, as part of his push to reform the way the state does business.

“Until now, we’ve been one of the most over regulated states in the country,” Sununu said.

Sununu signed the executive order on Thursday that cuts, or allows to sunset, 1,600 rules and regulations. The order also sets up a new Regulator Reform Steering Committee to look for more ways to streamline New Hampshire’s government. This is just the second executive order Sununu has signed since taking office.

He first charged all of the state commissioners with looking for regulations that are obsolete when he took office in January. Now, with the list of 1,600 rules deemed unnecessary, Sununu plans to make deeper cuts with the new committee.

“This is so people can live their lives with the freedom and individual responsibility that really lives within the 603 spirit,” Sununu said.

The steering committee will target specific areas of government, with the goal of making it easier to do business in the Granite State, Sununu said.

“Live free or die is more than just a few words on a license plate,” he said.

The next round of cuts will involve input from the business community and members of the public, he said.

Nashua Mayor Jim Donchess had not seen the full list of regulation being cut on Thursday, but said concerns about over-regulation is not what he hears from business owners.

“The biggest problem that at least I hear from businesses is that they need qualified workers,” Donchess said.