Payroll glitch delays city employee’s checks

NASHUA – A software glitch caused problems for city employees on Thursday, leaving them without pay to start the normal payday.

Larry Budreau, the city’s human resources director, said the glitch affected direct-deposit payments, though most of the problems would be corrected by the end of business on Thursday. The city recently updated its software for payroll, and data generated by that software did not translate when it was sent to the bank, according to Budreau.

“Due to an updated version of the city’s payroll software, the bank transmittal file included a company identifier that the bank’s system did not recognize,” Budreau said.

Payday money is typically available on the morning of payday, Budreau said. Once the issue was made known, Budreau said all of the information was submitted to the bank.

By Thursday afternoon, many employees had received their pay, and Budreau said the rest of the employees would have their money by the end of the business day.