Hudson police chase suspects

Staff photo by Don Himsel Police cordoned off an apartment at the Burns Hill Apartments complex Monday afternoon after several suspects fled police as part of a quick developing drug investigation.

HUDSON — At least one suspect is in custody and several more on on the run after police say a noise complaint turned into a drug investigation at Burns Hill Apartments Monday afternoon.

Hudson Police Captain William Avery said officers were called to a unit at Building 1 at the apartment complex shortly after 1 p.m. to deal with a noise complaint. Once police got to the apartment, Avery said several suspects ran off.

Police secured the apartment while waiting for a search warrant, and one suspect had been caught within the first few minutes of the incident. Scanner reports indicated that at least two suspects may have tried to block police from entering by using a sofa to barricade the door before they ran off.

Avery said it is now a narcotics investigation. More information is expected later today about the incident.