Dusty owner must produce records

Court rules Condodemetraky to be examined under oath

MANCHESTER — The owner of the bankrupt classic car dealership, Dusty Old Cars, must produce business records and answer questions under oath, according to a ruling released Monday in the United States Bankruptcy Court in Manchester.

Stephan Condodemetraky, under investigation from the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office for the way he allegedly conducted the car business, fought the court motion from two former customers seeking to have him produce the records and answer questions under oath about the business.

Condodemetraky reportedly destroyed computer documents, and boxed up about 12 cartons full of business records before he handed the business over to a court-appointed trustee.

In his ruling released Monday, Judge Bruce Harwood sided with former customers, Kathleen Dolan and Michael Cowell, saying that is the only way to get the information.

“The facts of this case are unique in that Condodemetraky may be the only source at this time for some of the information requested,” Harwood wrote.

Condodemetraky filed for bankruptcy for his business in February, initially seeking to reorganize. That was changed shortly after the trustee was appointed about found the business records missing. Dusty Old Cars is now being liquidated under a chapter 7 proceeding.

The bankruptcy filing came amid the AG’s investigation into the business after more than 100 people filed complaints with the state. The accusations are all similar in nature, accusing Condodemetraky of engaging in consignment sales that ended with almost no money going to the original owners. Cars would disappear, the titles were allegedly forged, and people were saddled with allegedly bogus repair bills.

The last time Condodemetraky answered questions under oath in this bankruptcy case, he was unable to state definitively that his business did not forge signatures on car titles.

Harwood’s order states that the examination of records and questioning must take place no later than May 19.