Local family business moving to new space

Chiropractic office has been owned and operated by three generations

Photo by Hannah LaClaire A model of the human spine, which Nashua chiropractor Brandon Linatsas uses to discuss proper spinal alignment with his patients.

NASHUA – Brandon Linatsas always knew he would take over his father’s chiropractic office – he just did not know when.

After graduating from high school, Linatsas took some time to find his footing, going so far as to get a degree in automotive technology from Nashua Community College. It was not until a “life-changing” volunteer trip to Bosnia that he knew he was ready to “serve humanity in some greater capacity.” He finished his undergraduate degree, went to graduate school, and came home to Nashua to work alongside his father, David Linatsas at Nashua Family Chiropractic.

The office, located at Three Hardy St., has been in the family for decades. In the 1950s, it was a drywall company. David Linatsas turned it into a chiropractic office in 1985, with the entire family sleeping on a pullout couch in a waiting room for close to a year while they got off the ground. To date, they have helped more than 13,000 people.

Brandon Linatsas, who known around the office as Dr. Brandon, officially took over in 2016. He and Gabrielle Cohen see patients all day, working also with a nutritionist and masseuse to help people achieve “clear, connected bodies,” he said.

Despite the long-running family history at their Hardy Street location, Nashua Family Chiropractic is moving across town next month to 29 Riverside St. Offering more than twice the size of the current office, the new location will allow them to offer “more comprehensive care.”

This includes an acupuncturist, someone who practices an ancient healing method. Linatsas said he sees the benefits of this.

“We want to be an epicenter of change and set a new standard for what keeping people healthy means,” he said.

“We’re not very good in this country at keeping people healthy … we are good at treating them when they are sick and for crisis care,” he said, but less accomplished at the prevention side of the spectrum.

Chiropractors are trained as “port of entry” doctors, meaning that while their work focuses on the spine, they are also trained in other areas of anatomy and physiology. They are often able to diagnose and refer people as needed.

David Linatsas, his son said, is excited and proud about the changes coming to the business he built from the ground up, but it is a little bittersweet. “This is his legacy,” Brandon Linatsas said.

“I’m very lucky that I came into an already thriving practice,” he said, adding that otherwise, he probably would not be able to move the business in this new direction.

With the new space and a rebranding, which they hope to complete within the next few years, they want to change that. The goal is to cultivate “an atmosphere in caring and healing” that starts on every employee’s first day.

More than just “back doctors,” as Linatsas put it, they have “a big vision for health care in our community.”

The human body, he believes, is innately intelligent. He works to help the body heal itself, rather than prescribe medicine.

To stay healthy, the most important thing someone can do is move, he said. “Get outside, be mindful of your body, get some sunshine,” Linatsas said.

Nashua Family Chiropractic will start seeing patients at the new location Sept. 4, with a grand opening Sept. 22.

For more information, visit www.nashuafamilychiropractic.com or call 603-880-4150.

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