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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Senior complex resident reaches out on behalf of neighbors in need

Chris Graham

“Some people make things happen, some watch things happen, while others wonder what has happened” is an anonymous quote.

I would like to add “and then there are people who look out for others, see their needs – especially those unsure of how or unable to help themselves – and take action for them.”

A local woman in elderly/handicapped housing happens to read the Mailbag!

Needs sewing machine

“I am 70 years young and on a fixed income, as most my age are, and that said, I take seriously keeping up my clothing and even repurposing things to get by,” writes Carolyn B., of Nashua (LTR 2,575). “Yesterday, in the middle of my project, my tired sewing machine literally broke. A vital metal part is just completely broken off.

“I not only fix my items, but those of others where I live, so it serves many of us. If someone no longer has use for their machine that is in good working order, I would be so grateful to receive it.

“I am so pleased that your Mailbag column is available, and I thank you and your generous readers for the spirit of community here in the Nashua area.”

’Tis said, “Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns.” Here’s wishing the very best to Carolyn, who can be reached at 930-2885.

And the good works continue.

Microwave needed

“My neighbor, also named Chris, is disabled and can only cook via microwave, but unfortunately hers is in bad shape and could pose a hazard,” writes her friend and friend to many, Carolyn B., of Nashua (LTR 2,575). “We were wondering if someone would have one that they no longer need and be willing to give to her.

“She also has walking difficulties and no transportation, so it would be a kindness to deliver it to her.”

Since this lady has no Internet access, Carolyn has communicated her need, as well. Chris can be reached at 943-5256.

Tier cake pans sought

“I have just finished some classes at Michael’s and am now putting together a cake business,” says Lucy W., of Nashua (LTR 2,810). “I am looking for some wedding tier cake pan sets. Since I have just had a baby and am now a stay-at-home mother of four, I am starting my business in my home.”

Wedding season will soon be here, time for cakes with decorated tiers – adorned with roses and icing boughs, to celebrate a happy couple’s uniting vows.

If you can help Lucy fill those cake pans, call her at 880-4592. Congratulations on the baby!

Needs twin bed

“I am writing in hopes that one of your readers may be able to help me,” says Kenneth G., of Nashua (LTR 2,902). “I just got a place to live, and I’m in need of a twin bed (box spring and mattress).

“It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all you do!”

While he doesn’t mention it, I’m guessing some twin-size sheets, blankets, etc., would be welcome, as well. I’m glad to hear about the new home! Kenneth can be reached at 305-5063.

Making a home

“I just recently got into housing after being in the shelter for six months. It’s a small one-bedroom, but it’s finally home,” writes Anthony, of Nashua (LTR 2,903). “I need some curtains for the living room and the bedroom, or some sheets. Someone in the complex was nice enough to give me a full-size bed.

“I could definitely use both the curtains and sheets, but I’ll be happy to take one or the other. I’m needy, not proud, and I’ll gratefully take what I can get.

“I’m so tired of putting black bags on my windows. Thank you so very much.”

It’s hoped the Mailbag will be soon be receiving an update with good news covering windows, etc., including a last name (just for my records, not for publication). Anthony can be reached in his new home at 557-1629.

Music to your ears

“I am in the process of remodeling my living room and have decided to give my Wurlitzer organ away,” says Marie R., of Nashua (LTR 2,904). “It is in very good condition. I also have the bench and some organ music books. I’m sure that two strong men with a pickup truck could take it to its new home.

“Thank you. I really enjoy reading the Mailbag.”

Wurlitzer was famous for musical instruments, ranging from the barrel organ (aka hurdy-gurdy), which was popular with 19th-century street musicians and their monkey companions, to the “Mighty Wurlitzer” theatre organ.

For your chance to bring a part of this legacy into your home, make a note to call Marie at 883-7638.

Bed, bookcase sought

“I first heard about Chris’ Mailbag through the Salvation Army, and if someone could help me with a few items, I would be very grateful,” writes Kristine D., of Hudson (LTR 2,614). “The first thing I’m in dire need of is a queen-size bed. I’ve been sleeping on the floor, and I have a bad back. I have two boys who sleep on the couch.

“Also, I had an 8-month-old son, Izik, who passed away last July. He was cremated. For now, I put him (his urn) on one of those baker’s racks with all of his special toys and baby things. I would like to use something like a wooden bookshelf with glass doors so his things wouldn’t get so dusty. I would be forever grateful.

“I am on disability and can’t really afford much. I’m trying to get through this tough time so I also could help others. God bless all those who help the people who are in a desperate time of life.”

Singer-songwriter Tracy Chapman said, “I’ve seen and met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people living ordinary lives.” Some read the Mailbag, and it’s hoped they’ll help Kristine meet her needs and remember her in prayer. She can be reached at 438-5021 or

Happy Easter

Chris’ Mailbag wishes everyone a happy and joyous Easter!

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