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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Senior complex residents hope Santa brings exercise equipment

Chris Graham

With hours before Christmas, as elves load the sleigh, Santa reads letters that came in today.

It isn’t too late to make a request, since Santa knows the timing that’s best.

That some who receive will be sure to heed, the call from those with greater need.

Like Mailbag readers, the folks at the North Pole are familiar with recycling, so don’t be surprised when “gifts” turn up during and after the holidays.

Healthier New Year

“I am writing for a senior complex in Nashua, and we are looking for exercise equipment,” writes Peggie F., of Nashua (LTR 2,874). “We would like to know if anyone out there has an exercise bicycle and a treadmill. We are really looking for two of each, as we have many residents who are interested in exercising.

“Thank goodness for Chris’ Mailbag. Many people have been helped, and to all the people who have donated, God bless you!”

Pedaling and walking indoors is a much safer alternative to running the risk of a fall or loss of balance on snow and ice outdoors. If you have an exercise bike and/or treadmill available, Peggie would appreciate your calling her at 521-8526 or 809-6529.

Christmas tree for thee?

“I have an 8-foot Christmas tree that was given to us a few years ago,” says Don V., of Nashua (LTR 2,875). “It is in great shape and is color-coded, so it is easy to put together.

“We would like to give it to a family who can’t afford a tree. Decorations are not included. I’m sure there is someone who can use it.”

For those for whom Christmas Eve traditions include acquiring a tree, the timing of this offer is perfect. And since Don includes an e-mail address with an attached photo, perhaps a view is possible, as well. Don can be reached at or 598-6222.

Paying it forward

“First of all, I want to thank everybody who helped my son J.C., who has Down syndrome and loves music, to have a happy birthday” writes his mom, J.C., of Litchfield (LTR 822).

“Now, I want to help someone else. I have a large Kenmore microwave oven, which works fine; a humidifier; a small Crock-Pot; and a Dirt Devil vacuum I’m hoping someone can use. Merry Christmas to all!”

Best wishes to J.C. for a speedy recovery from a hand operation – yes, I could read every word of your letter! Interested parties can get in touch with J.C. and J.C. at 493-9177.

Wishing for a DVD player

“I was given the information about how to contact Chris’ Mailbag from the Salvation Army, and I would like to kindly ask for a donation of a DVD player,” writes Lucy W., of Nashua (LTR 2,810). “I have had no cable for about three years, and I would really appreciate having a DVD player.”

Chris’ Mailbag will keep fingers crossed for Santa or one of his local Mailbag helpers to send a DVD player to Lucy, who can be reached at 880-4592.

Dog coats, food

“Please help local dogs by donating doggie coats in all sizes at the Lucky Dog Thrift Shop,” says Kat R., of Nashua (LTR 2,721), owner of this nonprofit shop, where proceeds directly benefit local animal and humane charities. “Over the next few weeks, we are hoping donations of doggie coats (yes, they’re tax-deductible) will allow us to provide a warm coat to a leashed dog who comes in with his or her owner.

“The Lucky Dog shop also gives out bags of dog and cat food to families in need, so donations of these items are greatly appreciated, as well.”

The Lucky Dog Thrift Shop, 23 Elm St., Nashua, also wishes to thank all the wonderful people who have already donated doggie coats and pet food, greatly contributing to the continued success of this second annual Doggie Coat Drive. Kat can be reached at 882-3647. For more information, visit

Season’s greetings

Chris’ Mailbag wishes everyone a very merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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