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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Morins, like no others

Mike Morin

Since writing that Angelina Jolie is my 10th cousin, I’ve become even more interested in learning things about Mike Morin. Mike Morin, the former hockey player. Mike Morin, the car dealer and Mike Morin, the bedbug hunter. Like you, I have Googled myself, and through the nearly 10 million results from typing “Mike Morin,” I have found that many of my namesakes have interesting lives. I’d like you to meet a few of my Google twins.

Mike Morin, the retired hockey player: Twenty years my junior, this MM played in Europe for the Manchester Storm, where apparently he was popular with the fans. He even tried his hand at roller hockey in San Jose, Calif. Probably the toughest MM that I’ve Googled.

Mike Morin, the mixed martial arts guy: OK, this MM is the toughest guy in our little party. On May 6, the Maine native defeated his opponent 35 seconds into the second round. The fight was stopped by the referee. I never realized the name Mike Morin had such machismo attached to it. I’m having a testosterone moment.

Mike Morin, the used car sales guy: Mike Morin’s Auto Center in Auburn, Maine, is not known for beating people up like a few Mike Morins that shall go nameless. In fact, an online review says, “By far the most friendly, honest and dependable auto shop in town! Also like their new waiting area with the leather couches and Keurig coffee machine.” You can never go wrong combining friendliness and leather.

Michael Morin, the photographer: Yes, this MM, of Michigan, uses the more formal version of our name. One of his selling points is that he wants to provide the best customer service possible. Hey Michael, follow the car guy’s example. Friendliness and leather. Works every time.

Mike Morin, the drummer: I found this MM on the website for a New Jersey band called Bad Whiskey. Mike says, “After experiments with Gamma rays, I developed super strength and size. With this also comes the terrible side effects, a green color and uncontrollable rage.” Maybe we can put him in a steel cage match with MM the martial arts guy. My money’s on the Hulk.

Mike Morin, the waterproofing guy: From Wells, Maine. I finally found an award-winner in this group of MMs. From a basement treatment website: “Mike was awarded the Basement Systems Certified Waterproofing Professional title in 2001.” Pride does not begin to describe what it means to be named Mike Morin until you meet the last on my list of Google twins.

Mike Morin, bedbug hunter: This Connecticut resident is with Bedbug Finders. In fact, I located his certification of training. “To whom it may concern: This letter is to certify that Mr. Michael Morin and bedbug detection canine ‘Willie,’ attended the Florida Canine Academy/Bedbug Dog in September of 2009 and received their certification as a team trained in bedbug detection.”

Feel free to send any complaint e-mails to Mike Morin, the mixed martial arts guy.

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