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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hunt Community Knitters’ needles in need of fresh supply of yarn

Chris Graham

Yarns from baby blues, pinks and yellows may turn into blankets for wee gals and fellows.

Chocolate browns, beiges and tans may reappear as scarves, mittens and tams.

Colors from the rainbow to basic black and white may bring warmth and comfort on a chilly day or night.

Always thinking of helping others, a charitable group of local knitters reaches out for help through the Mailbag!

The skein scene

“The Hunt Community Knitters, who knit for charity, are once again running short of yarn, and we have spent our allotment for the year,” writes Lee R., of Nashua (LTR 2,160). “To all the people who donated previously, thank you! It was much appreciated. It would be great to have some plain or variegated skeins of matching skeins! Thank you once again.”

This charitable group of knitters gives to many organizations. If you can help keep their knitting needles clicking, producing beautiful and practical results, call Lee at 889-3893 or bring yarn donations to the Hunt Community anytime between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Lee, please keep in touch regarding what’s hoped to be the ever-growing inventory! God bless!

Rockin’ resource

“I am an occupational therapist working with students in a local school district,” writes Barbara B., of Hudson (LTR 1,029). “Last year, your readers were very generous, providing us with several rocking chairs for use in our middle school resource rooms. The students love the chairs and it helps with attention and focus.

“We are now in need of one or two rocking chairs for a resource room at the high school in our district. I am hoping that someone has a chair they no longer need and would be willing to give to us. Thanks!”

The motion of a rocking chair is synonymous with calming, peaceful concentration. Barbara can be reached at 880-9355 or e-mail

Is this your type?

“I have a heavy office IBM typewriter, including six new ribbons,” says Evangeline N., of Nashua (LTR 2,544). “These machines are or were mostly used as a backup when electric storms forced computer shutdowns. Does someone have use for it, since I don’t?”

Sometimes we don’t realize how dependent we are on electricity until the power goes out. If you have use for this “old faithful” communication device, call Evangeline at 891-0518.

Washer, dryer available

“We have recently bought a new washer and dryer to replace our older ones, which were used just last week and they did fine,” says Pat J., of Litchfield (LTR 2,545). “Hopefully, a family could get many years from the older Whirlpool set to help them. They are easy to get at and we’ll help you load them on a truck.”

Since the 1970s, Whirlpool has become a trusted household name all over the world, according to Whirlpool Co. history and countless happy owners. To become one of them, call Pat at 424-6636.

Items galore

“We have a green sleep sofa, a small coffee table and two TVs – one 27-inch and one 13-inch – to give away to anyone who can use them,” writes Christine S., of Nashua (LTR 2,546). “Also, we have a trash compactor available. The sleep sofa and the trash compactor are both, unfortunately, heavy items, and we have no way to carry them upstairs ourselves, so we ask that you please bring enough people to carry them out of the basement.

“Thank you for helping find people who can use these items that we are no longer using.”

Interest parties should call Christine at 661-7602.

Furnishing furnishings

“It’s been a while since I’ve needed your help, but I have a friend who needs it now and she’s hoping that your readers will be able to help her situation,” says Arlene D., of Nashua.

Here’s her request: “I have just moved from a studio to my very own five-room apartment and would like to ask your readers if they have a sofa, love seat and/or standing lamp they no longer use or need,” writes Eileen W., of Nashua (LTR 2,547). “Delivery would be necessary, as I have no means of transportation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.”

One friend telling another about the Mailbag is thankfully a common occurrence! Eileen can be reached at 233-4288. Congratulations on your new home!

Coffee, anyone?

“For you caffeine lovers, I have a Krups type 985 coffee maker for you,” says Charles G., of Nashua (LTR 159). “It can make 12 cups of coffee or four cups of espresso. It also has a froth attachment.”

This could be your wake-up call to get in touch with Charles at 882-8069 to arrange a pickup.

Single-parent dad’s requests

“I am forwarding this letter to you from my friend Roger, as he does not have e-mail. Thank you for any help for him and his beautiful daughter,” says Lisa M.

Here’s his request:

“I am a single father, and as a lot of other folks, have fallen on hard times,” writes Roger D. (LTR 2,548). “I need a queen-size mattress and box spring; a full-size mattress and box spring; a bike for a child (girl) almost 11 years old; and a desk chair on rollers. I thank you and your readers in advance for any help you can offer my daughter and me. Please feel free to call me at 546-3169.”

Thanks, Lisa – another good friend in “Mailbag readerland!”


n Jennifer M., of Nashua, an intern in older adult services at the Greater Nashua Mental Health Center at Community Council (LTR 2,527), has received a donation of a Nintendo Wii for a new program to introduce to clients as a method to increase social activities and exercise.

n Lisa L., of Nashua (LTR 1,040), writes, “Thank you for putting our VHS kids tapes in your Mailbag! A very nice grandpa (taking care of his grandchildren on the weekends) came by and took all of them. Hope he enjoys ‘Thomas the Train’ with his little guy!”

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