Finding your workout groove: The best method for YOU

Individualized coaching, group fitness, or workout alone?

If you’re looking for REAL RESULTS, there is no doubt, hiring a coach will be your best investment. But what really do you get out of it and why is it so much better?

There are benefits to both individualized and group coaching. It’s proven that you will get at least 40 percent more out of your workout sessions when being coached. The accountability and attention will amp up your effort with both models. They will also decrease your chance of injury and increase your exercise variety, a win-win for you.

But which is the best for you?

At Fit It In Fitness we offer a semi-private coaching model and a group coaching model. Our clients are successful with both options. If you’d simply like to add some motivation and support to a professionally designed program group is the way to go. If you’d like or need some more specific direction, you should hire a coach to help you. In fact, many of our group clients take advantage of an individualized coaching session to better understand their body and improve their group performance.

Individualized coaching, in our case, semi-private, has many advantages to group workouts. Our semi-private model provides an individualized program design and more hands-on attention.

Here are some of the many benefits:

– Accountability to show up.

– The foundation for group workouts.

– 40 percent increase in results.

– Goal setting and achievement.

– Modifications for limitations.

– Confidence to workout more often and enjoy it.

– Body awareness.

– More YOU time.

Perhaps you’ve been paying months or even years to a bigger “box gym.” The kind of gym that’s huge, with zero customer service, lack of motivation, no program to follow and unhealthy snacks on the way out.

When you’re trying to find “your place” it shouldn’t be all about the bells and whistles. It is a place you will spend much of your time, energy and money. It should be a community you feel part of, have the space needed to get a good sweat, and the proper coaching to get you REAL RESULTS.

It’s time to THRIVE with your workouts. This investment is not selfish. It is full of value, when you find your place. Try a group workout and notice the energy you feel when you walk in, during your class and when you finish. If it’s a good fit you will find coaches welcoming you in, asking if you need modifications and people around you wanting to see you get better.

So, whether it’s group or individualized, go for it! The only thing stopping you from your best workout is your own fear. Trust me, a GREAT coach will be able to progress you into your BEST self. They will help build confidence to WANT to workout regularly. If you follow a coached philosophy, soon YOU’LL be the welcome committee, knowing that look on someone’s face of exactly how it felt the first day you walked in.

We will be posting a video on this topic including some interview answers with our own clients that do semi-private coaching. Hear from them, first-hand why being coached is so much better! Check it out on our Facebook page:

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