Fun & Fortunes: Psychics offering readings at 7th city fair

For the seventh year in a row, a group of the area’s most popular psychic readers will be offering their talents at Nashua’s iconic landmark, the high-Gothic Hunt Memorial Building on the corner of Main and Lowell Streets. The readers will congregate on Sunday, March 5, offering their services from 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

Joining the fair for the first time are Sheryl Burns and Lori Haynes of Tangled Roots Herbal, a new herbal and metaphysical shop located on West Pearl Street in downtown Nashua.

Returning this year are popular readers Angie D’anjou, Michelle Trahan, Jacki Joy, Colleen Costello, Robert Nadeau, Stacey Smith and Robert Menard, offering a variety of modalities including Tarot, Enchanted Tarot, Angelic Tarot, Angel Guidance, Personal Guides, Palms, Psychometry, Scrying, Numerology, Mediumship, Aura Photography and Interpretation, Animal Medicine and Rune cards and Dagara Divination.

The Dagara Divination Cloth is a tool from West Africa that helps indicate how to restore alignment with ancestors and the elements – earth, water, fire, nature and mineral, which are determined for each individual by their birth month.

Lori Haynes will bring her skills as a certified medium, psychic and healer, working closely with the Guardians of Light. She offers past life readings (30 minutes), mediumship to loved ones on the other side, and readings for the here and now.

In Robie’s Room a variety of merchandise will be available as gifts for Mother’s Day, and the upcoming wedding and graduation season, including a wide range of jewelry, crystals, Native American style flutes and carvings, music CDs and much more.

Sheryl Burns will be joining the vendors with a wide sampling of items from Tangled Roots, including spiritual gifts, candles, cards, crystals, local made soaps and perfumes, jewelry and sage.

The fair is presented by City Arts Nashua with proceeds helping to fund promotion of Nashua’s vibrant arts scene.

City Arts Nashua is a 501c3 arts services organization working with all artists and arts organizations in greater Nashua.