Too much sun could put a freeze on Merrimack festival

MERRIMACK – For the second winter in a row, the townwide seasonal carnival planned for Wasserman Park is feeling the effects of warmer weather.

The 25th annual Winter Carnival is planned for Saturday, but the expected higher temperatures and chance of rain may change plans.

Parks and Recreation Department director Matt Casparius said Tuesday the ice fishing "is a question mark" for young guests.

"The ice needs to stay thick enough. Snowshoeing and sledding is an issue. The antique car show is an issue. It’s tough to say," he added.

The popular event draws hundreds to Wasserman Park.

"Last year there was no snow whatsoever," Casparius said. "There were not a whole lot of options last year."

Scheduled events include an ice carving demonstration, an environmental education workshop, a campfire and the cardboard sledding contest.

"We will hold the event either way," Casparius said. "We’re working on adding some extra games."

Casparius said the final call on the day will be made Thursday and news would be posted on

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