Good weather allows roofers to work on Hunt Memorial Building

NASHUA – Davis Construction was back at the Hunt Memorial Building on Wednesday, taking advantage of the clear and warm weather to install new roofing on a portion of the building on Library Hill.

The Jaffrey company, which has done work on the historic building before, stripped off old roofing and copper flashing before installing rolled sheets over new roof insulation panels.

Using a full rubber roof is "more cost effective," said Jake Hebert, of Davis Construction. "Because of the parapets, you don’t see the copper."

The plan was to complete the job in one day, clearing, prepping and laying a total of 1,350 square feet of rolled roof six-thousandths of an inch thick.

The $15,250 to perform the work is coming from the Lydia Reed Estate donation.

The city-owned Hunt Building served as the city’s library from 1903-71. It is operated by volunteer trustees. The building underwent significant renovations around 2010.

The reading room is available for rent, and portions of the building are used for private office space.

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