Merrimack High School seniors turn into volunteers for annual Senior Service Day

MERRIMACK – More than 300 Merrimack High School seniors turned out to volunteer for the annual Senior Service Day last Wednesday at 70 different job sites.

For more than 20 years, the Merrimack senior class has scattered across the community in the spring performing tasks for town residents, public parks, and organizations such as the Merrimack Historical Society and the John O’Leary Adult Community Center.

After senior service day, the board of directors for the adult community center sent a letter of thanks to the students via The Telegraph. “On Wednesday, May 25, three students from the Class of 2016 visited the center and performed various cleanup tasks, such as washing windows and mirrors and tidying up the outside. Emily Torres, Kaitlin Perkins and Morgan Phillips, along with MHS paraeducator Allison De Luca, cheerfully pitched in, scurrying about on ladders and wielding brooms to help make the center sparkle,” Steven M. Dembow, center coordinator, said in a statement. “Thanks also to the Merrimack High School administration and faculty coordinator Trevor Knight for organizing and supervising this activity, which strengthens the bond between the younger and older citizens of our town.”

Knight said Merrimack High School teamed up with the Travis Manion Foundation, a veterans nonprofit organization, for the event this year. “We brought in a speaker from the foundation, Tom Cahill, who has been one of their ‘Character Does Matter’ ambassadors for the past four years. He gave an inspirational and motivational speech to the senior class two days before our senior service day, highlighting the importance of giving back to the community through service, and living your life with integrity,” Knight said.

Knight added that there was positive feedback from homeowners and other hosts for the student workers. “Several said that the students were a credit to their parents, to the school, and to the community. One said that the students’ behavior spoke well for our nation’s future, and another described how the work that was completed by the students relieved a great burden from them,” he said.

Along with the annual community service tradition, the students were also invited to a barbecue lunch hosted by the American Legion.

“The American Legion again generously donated its time, location, hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers and refreshments, as it does every year,” Knight said. “The students enjoyed food hot off the grill, and some time to celebrate their accomplishments and their class … by playing whiffle ball, ‘kan jam,’ throwing around a football, and spending time with classmates that will depart.”