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In Nashua, 27 city and school employees have six-figure salaries

By Staff | Mar 21, 2015

NASHUA – More than two dozen employees of Nashua city government and schools have an annual salary above $100,000 –
roughly 1 percent of salaried employees, according to a database provided by the city.

The number of people with six-figure salaries hasn’t changed much in the last three years, according to a Telegraph count.

There were 27 people with six-figure salaries as of March 13, compared to 24 at the start of 2013 and 28 at the start of 2012. By contrast, however, only 17 people had salaries above $100,000 in 2010 and 2011.

This growth is partly a reflection of continued pay raises and partly a reflection of the arbitrary nature of the cutoff. The most obvious difference is that seven police captains have entered the six-figure category, whereas in 2011, their salaries were in the $99,000 range.

This year, the 27 people with six-figure salaries include prominent names such as Mayor Donnalee Lozeau, who has the seventh-highest government
salary in Nashua at $112,339; Police Chief Andrew Lavoie, No. 2 at $131,264; Fire Chief Brian Morrissey, No. 3 at $123,772; and School Superintendent Mark Conrad, who at $142,717 has the biggest salary on the payroll.

The entire database can be searched at The Telegraph’s website, nashua

Other six-figure salaries went to people with titles that are familiar; three principals are on the list, as are seven police captains and the “corporation counsel,” a fancy term for the city’s lawyer.

One title might make you scratch your head: chief assessor GIS manager. That’s Angelo Marino, whose title reflects the importance in municipal operations of geographic information systems, or digital mapping.

These figures do not include overtime or other payments, which can boost take-home pay considerably for certain positions.

This year’s database includes 2,791 people with salaries, many of them part-timers such as lunch monitors, most of whom get $5,085, or aldermen, who get $5,000.

Another 1,059 people are listed as being paid on a day-by-day basis, most working for the school system, such as substitute teachers, or for the city election division, such as election-day ballot inspectors.

Their total pay isn’t included in the database.

The database says 2,808 people work for the school system, far more than any other department.

That is partly a reflection of the large number of per-diem employees in the schools.

Slightly less than one-third of the people making $100,000 or more are female.

The seven women include the mayor, Public Works Director Lisa Fauteux, deputy corporation counsel Dorothy Clarke and school district officials.

David Brooks can be reached at 594-6531, dbrooks@nashua
telegraph.com or @GraniteGeek.


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