Friday, February 24, 2017
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mystery dead animal in Maine was rare white coyote

A wildlife expert says he finally has an answer on the mystery white animal found dead in Kennebunk (Maine) last week: it’s a rare white Eastern coyote.

After giving the animal a thorough examination early Monday afternoon — but not doing a necropsy yet — Maine Wildlife Biologist Scott Lindsay said measurements of the animal’s bones, the condition of its teeth and its bottle brush tail all are “very consistent” with a coyote.

“It’s certainly not a wolf,” he said. “And nothing leads me to believe it’s a domestic animal.”

That's from this article in the Bangor Daily News, which includes lots of good information about how a dog differs from a coyote - for one thing, a dog's teeth are usually worse, from eating soft dog food. It also says that "coydogs" - half dog half coyote - are rarer than they used to be, because there are enough coyotes around that the species can stick to its own kind when mating, which it prefers. Read the article here.