Tuesday, February 21, 2017
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This guy can make internal antifreeze - darn you, ALB!
Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Jersey, Illinois say they have eradicated Asian longhorned beetles

New Jersey says it has not been able to find any Asian longhorned beetles in the state since 2006, despite severe outbreaks in previous years, and that the invasive pest appears to have been eradicated. Illinois says the same thing.

I learned this astonishing news - astonishing to me, anyway - in the NY Times. It lends hope to places like Worcester, Mass., which has cut down 25,000+ trees in an effort to quell an ALB invasion there. It also gives hope to New Hampshire, which conducts extensive early-warning tests in hopes of spotting the beetles soon after arrival here, should that event happen.

Asian longhorned beetles don't travel very far on their own, unlike speedy tree destroyers like the emerald ash borer. They mostly depend on us to do their long-distance moving for them, carrying them in firewood or wooden pallets. But they're a feared pest, because they burrow into and kill many different species of trees; most similar pests are species-specific (e.g., emerald ash borer sticks to ash trees).

Read the NY Times article here.