Friday, February 24, 2017
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Friday, March 1, 2013

NH firm developing large-scale energy storage with air

New Hampshire Public Radio has a nice piece about SustainX, a Seabrook NH firm that's trying to commercialize large-scale energy storage with compressed air. You can read it here.

You know it's a good piece because reporter Sam Evans-Brown explains- the difference between megawatt and megawatt-hour. Some geek points are racked up there.

A key point in SustainX's appraoch, Evans-Brown wrote, is that they want to store excess heat in water, increasing the efficiency and longevity of their approach:

They see a niche for itself in the electricity market, and it’s not just in smoothing the irregular energy flow coming from renewables. For example, maybe your community needs a little bit extra power in the heat of the day, but doesn’t want that unsightly new transmission line? Pop some storage in an industrial park, and save up the energy you need from your existing power plants during the night, when everyone is asleep.