Tuesday, February 28, 2017
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Telegraph photo by Lance Booth
Science Caf panelists talk from the deck of the pirate ship in the Bounty Room of Killarney's Irish Pub.
Thursday, February 21, 2013

Science Cafe - in the ultra-funky Bounty Room - was a blast

Another great Science Cafe NH last night: A good 100 people packed into the Bounty Room, a Nashua institution (it was, I'm told, the ultimate disco in the '80s) that features a full-size pirate ship. (Honest)

The panelists sat up on the ship and answered questions from the floor - I said that if they were boring, we'd throw them overboard. But they weren't boring! I learned more about beer brewing - not a topic that, until now, particularly interested me - than I thought possible, from the effect of bottle glass colors (green bad, brown good) to the fact that big breweries have special books of patented yeast strains - Anheuser-Bush keeps copies on two continents, so that a single disaster won't put them out of business.

Here's today's story in The Telegraph, from which I stole the above photo.