Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Boston to try using edX, the Harvard/MIT free-online-education system

The Globe reports that Boston is going to try to bring edX, one of the those free massive-online-education experiments, this one launched by MIT and Harvard, to its public schools.

The City of Boston plans to launch a partnership with Harvard and MIT through the universities’ experimental online initiative edX, which offers free courses to anyone with Internet access. In his State of the City address Tuesday, Mayor Thomas M. Menino will announce an effort to bring edX to community centers, according to his staff. Instructors have determined that students learn better in small groups, so the goal in Boston will be to nurture clusters of people taking the courses together.

Interesting. Online higher education looks to be a real game-changer. If I ran a smallish, lower-level college - something not well-known for a specific strength, in size/reputation between a community college and Almost Ivy League - I'd be worried.

Here's the story, behind a paywall.