Sunday, February 19, 2017
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UNH Aquaculture Center captions this photo as researchers "harvest(ing) a crop of native Atlantic haddock, a promising candidate for offshore aquaculture." Yes, the word is "crop" - there's a reason this is called fish farming.
Monday, January 28, 2013

Fish farming will overtake "wild" fishing globally this year

The excellent NY Times Green blog has a startling item today,:

Sometime this year, we will quietly pass a milestone in human history: the majority of the fish we eat will be farm-raised rather than wild-caught.

It would be nice to think this is the result of careful planning by humanity but it's mostly the fact that we're killing the oceans and making it harder to continue with the hunter-gatherer model and still get enough protein. It's making a virtue of a necessity, so to speak.

UNH is New Hampshire's leader for aquaculture research, with its Atlantic Marine Aquaculture Center, which has been trying to develop and promote everything from open-ocean farming of cod to restoring oyster beds to the Great Bay. The UNH site lists the species that it grows in the floating cage as "crops", by the way.

Read the whole NYT post here.