Monday, February 27, 2017
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Monday, January 14, 2013

One advantage (or disadvantage) of a warm January: All the sublimation fog you could want

Driving home last night from a family weekend hiking Mount Moosilaukee we almost came to a complete halt a couple of times because the sublimation fog was so intense: You could hardly see 10 feet ahead of yourself on the road.

Sublimation, as GraniteGeek readers know, is when solid changes directly to gas without going through the liquid phase. Dry ice is the classic example, but warm weather when there's snow on the ground is another. Since I assume the roads of New Hampshire are not lined with dry ice, we were experiencing the latter. I'm not entirely sure why the snow didn't just melt; it takes the right combination of humidity/temperature/air movement.

It was certainly warm enough yesterday: Mt. Washington broke its January heat record Sunday. And there was enough snow on the ground, although it's disappearing fast.

Moosilaukee still had a couple feet of snow in the woods, although all the snow and ice has melted out of the trees. We stayed at one of the Darmouth Outing Club cabins, some of which are open to non-Dartmouth folks.