Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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Friday, January 11, 2013

FairPoint prospering with "fiber to the tower" - connecting cell-phone towers to the network

I learned a new telco acronym today: FTTT - for "fiber to the tower" (compared to "fiber to the home," as in FairPoint's FAST or Verizon's FiOS). This is where wired telecom firms make Ethernet connections from cell-phone and other mobile towers to the network, a middleman business that helps make up for the loss people dropping their wired home phone service.

FierceTelecom has a report (read it here), which says:

FairPoint said it will expand its Ethernet-based backhaul services to over 1,000 towers by the end of the year in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. To date, FairPoint has invested over $200 million in Vantage Point, an IP/MPLS network that it uses for both its wholesale and retail business customers.

Like other wholesale providers, FairPoint has been building out its fiber network accommodate new wireless radio technologies, including small cells. Although each wireless operator's small cell application varies, a recent Infonetics report said they will use a mix of both wireline-based fiber and copper from service providers like FairPoint in addition to licensed and unlicensed spectrum to support small cells.