Monday, February 27, 2017
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Friday, January 11, 2013

Maine farmers suing Monsanto over GMO patents

Some Maine organic farmers are suing Monsanto in federal court in DC over genetically modified seed patents. From today's Bangor Daily News (full story here):

In March 2011, the organic seed growers association, along with 82 plaintiffs, sued Monsanto in federal district court in New York. The lawsuit challenges the validity of several patents the company holds for genetically modified crops, and seeks protection for the farmers from patent infringement lawsuits Monsanto could file if its genetically modified seed inadvertently contaminated their crops through natural causes such as seed drift and cross pollination. Monsanto has maintained that traditional or organic farmers found with trace amounts of its patented seed products have nothing to fear from lawsuit.

I'm a fan of GMO crops, at least in theory, but stories of farmers having to pay companies because drifting pollen cross-pollinates their crops are pretty outrageous.