Friday, February 24, 2017
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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Judge tosses Mass. auto dealers suit against electric roadster Tesla

Rack one up for Tesla in its legal fight with auto dealers: A Massachusetts judge has tossed the suit against Tesla in that state - although for jursidictional reasons, so it may not have much effect elsewhere. Press release is here. Spotted via TreeHugger.

Tesla is building its own stores to show off cars, then build them and ship them. But many states require cars to be sold through dealerships, not directly from auto makers, so this approach has raised a lock of hackles.

I'm not sure about the legal situation is in New Hampshire, although I assume we have dealership laws, too - I'll have to find out. UPDATE: RSA 261 outlines the requirements in NH. I got an email back from the NH DOT:

If if you sell more than 5 vehicles with in a 12 month period, you are considered a dealer and must obtain a dealer license with the NH DMV office. There are several approval processes that need to occur before being approved as a NH dealer. Dealer licenses are to be renewed each year, by the 31st of March. In the State of NH we currently have 8 different types of dealer licenses: auto recycling, auto wholesale, motorcycle, repair, repairman, retail vehicle, transport, and utility.

Tesla is unlikely to open here for a long time, though; we're too small a market and it's already pretty close, in the Boston area.