Sunday, February 19, 2017
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Does Gollum see neutrinos? (If that headline doesn't score well on search engines, nothing will)

I can find nothing local to mention this morning, so may I invite you to consider a ridiculously geek-o-riffic Wired article titled "How Does Gollum See In The Dark?" It's got both neutrinos and Looney Tunes cartoons in it. It's here - check it out.

I haven't seen "The Hobbit" and probably won't, because it won't come to Wilton Town Hall Theater, the greatest movie theater in the Western Hemisphere and the place I see most movies. Wilton's main theater is where basketball games and town meetings used to be held; the second theater was once a dressing room for touring vaudeville shows. What could be better?

I have, of course, read the book. Great book. My Mom has a very early copy, possibly a first edition although I'm not certain, which I read frequently as a kid.

This was long before the movies, of course, even before Tolkein jumped the shark with The Silmarillion - back when the whole Middle Earth thing was a semi-secret-ish topic for geeks, before geek culture was codified.