Monday, February 27, 2017
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This map by NOAA shows where our Atlantic salmon go after returning to the sea. The area west of Greenland has been closed to fishing, in an attempt to help them.
Monday, December 10, 2012

Salmon are doing well locally, but badly at sea - which is not good

Here's a quote to get environmentalists excited:“This is probably the first time in 150 years that we’ve documented natural reproduction (of Atlantic salmon) in the Souhegan River,”

Unfortunately, it's in a story I did for the Sunday Telegraph which concludes that efforts to return Atlantic salmon to our rivers are not succeeding, because the fish aren't surviving the years at sea when they grow to adulthood and mate: "Last year, a record number of adult salmon were caught returning upriver to spawn, but the number fell back this year to more typical, and unsustainable, levels, said Matt Carpenter, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department fisheries biologist who manages the salmon brood stock fishery. These numbers indicate that fish aren’t growing to adulthood in the ocean."

The whole story is here.