Sunday, February 19, 2017
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From "Climate Impacts on Winter Tourism in the United States." Statistics shown are for the 2009/2010 winter season. Economic impact data shown are for difference between top two highest snowfall and bottom two lowest snowfall years.
Friday, December 7, 2012

More confirmation that climate change is going to be bad (dollars-wise) for winter tourism

At UNH, Elizabeth Burakowski, a grad student, and Matthew Magnusson, an adjunct lecturer (higher-ed lingo for a kind of freelance academic), have tried to quantify the obvious: Rising temperatures from our fossil-fuel use is going to cost winter tourism a lot of money.

You can read the whole report here in PDF form. It was released by two groups: Protect Our Winters, and Natural Resources Defense Council.

A couple local tidbits:

+ Maine has the second-highest number of snowmobile registrations per capita, behind only Wyoming. Both are well over 60 per 1,000 people - only Vermont (51.5/1,000) is even close. New Hampshire is at 39.5, Massachusetts at 2.4. But snowmobile registrations nationally have been falling since 2004.

+ New Hampshire's winter tourism industry in 2010 supplied jobs for almost 8,000 employees, who earned $259 million in wages.

I recently covered another researcher who came to the same conclusion. Very depressing ... I think I'll go skiing this weekend.