Thursday, February 23, 2017
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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

And now, the "Do-Re-Mi" song from Sound of Music, for FIRST robotics

My son is long out of high school and done with FIRST robotics, but I still help out with the local high school FIRST team on which he once toiled. I'm not useful enough to be a real mentor, so I help with the skit that kids perform during their annual fundraiser night (which features real comics).

The last few years we've put on very short parodies of musicals with the story/songs tweaked for FIRST robotics: FIRST Side Story, The Wizard of FIRST, The Sound of Robots. (We don't actually sing but merely recite the lyrics - because there are limits to what even parents will sit through.)

I love writing these things, and since I'm going to the first meeting with the kids tonight to figure out the 2013 routine, I was poking through some old lyrics. Here's one from last year, tweaking the Do-Re-Mi song from "The Sound of Music" to discuss the financial needs of a FIRST team:

Team: DOUGH is what we need so we, can

PAY to make the robot spin

Robot: ME, I'm the point, I must go

FAR, so contests we will win

Team: SO, we have to work on him.

Robot: LA! I sing while my parts grow

Team: TEA, sold at intermission*

ALL: Which brings us back to DOUGH

*you have to pronounce it oddly to scan ... I ain't no Cole Porter