Tuesday, February 21, 2017
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Courtesy photo: This conceptual drawing shows an underground containment structure housing two SMR (small modular reactor) modules - a key part of the CASE argument for nuclear power.
Monday, December 3, 2012

Christine Todd Whitman gives pro-nuclear-power pitch at Telegraph  

UPDATE: Here's the story, which is pretty much as I expected.

Later this mroning I'm going to be interviewing Christine Todd Whitman, ex-NJ governor and now the public face of the Clean and Safe Energy coalition (CASEenergy), which advocates more nuclear energy as part of the world's global-warming battle.

She is doing a publicity swing around the country, and The Telegraph has invited her to sit in on the editorial board, an old newspaper tradition in which various mucky-mucks make a pitch to local papers. (It's nice that some people still think that the support of newspapers is useful!)

I largely agee that nuclear power has to be a big part of the world's energy mix, especially in light of the coal-powered increase in warming gases fueled by China and India. But the problems of waste, nuclear proliferation and cost are big, big stumbling blocks.