Thursday, February 23, 2017
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NH hackerspaces are growing: Portsmouth has one; Keene is trying 

For such a small state, New Hampshire can be pretty segmented. In the southern tier (below the White Mountains) it is split in thirds: From east to west you have the seacoast; the Merrimack River valley area (where I am); and southwest NH. If you prefer negative stereotypes, which are always more fun, that's Jersey Shore wannabes; traffic-clogged strip malls; and Free State ranters.

Anyway, this separation is why I hadn't heard until today about two hackerspaces/makerspaces being developed in New Hampshire, following in the footsteps of MakeIt Labs in Nashua. They are Port City Makerspace in Portsmouth, which has a nice little website, and AMach in Keene, which is still trying to get organized. So far as I can tell, it only has a Facebook group.

At least one other "open-access workshop" if you prefer the formal term, is trying to get going. It, however, is keeping a low profile until they get local permission, having seen what happened to MakeIt Labs when Nashua shut it down for a while due to lack of occupancy permits.

Here's my most recent MakeIt Labs piece, about its classes.