Friday, February 24, 2017
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Hybrid formula racing by engineering students at the NH Speedway next week

Six years ago, I attended the first Formula Hybrid competition, sponsored by Dartmouth's Thayer School of Engineering, at the NH Motor Speedway. It's a hybrid-car version of the long-running Formula SAE competition in which engineering students compete to build shrunken versions of racing cars under the eye of the Society of Automotive Engineers.

It was a very interesting mishmash of parallel vs. hybrid, battery vs. capacitor tech. As I recall, only a couple of the teams could even make the cars run that first year, but things have changed.

Next week (Apr. 30-May4) will see the 6th annual competition. Thirty-six teams have registered, including one each from Canada, Taiwan, Spain and Brazil. Seven will compete in the electric-only category, which is new.

The fun stuff happens Wednesday, when there are acceleration runs in the morning (electric engines are great at accelerating from zero) and an autocross in the afternoon. I'm hoping to attend.

Here's the press release, with a link to the schedule. If you're a geeky car person, this is catnip for you.