Thursday, February 23, 2017
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Nokia finds that a solar-powered phone is mostly a pipe dream (phones are just too small)

Many of us have exaggerated ideas of the amount of electricity that can be produced by solar panels. Nokia has demonstrated the limitations by testing whether they could solar power one of their phnoes with solar cells on the phone itself.

The answer: Not even in the Arctic summer, where the sun is up and the cold weather makes the panels work really well. (Speaking of cold, it got down to about 2-3 degrees at my house last night; didnt make it to zero, darn it!)

Phones just have too small an area for panels, and are too much on the move (missing the proper recharging angle). As they put it:

"When carefully positioned, the prototype phones were able, at best, to harvest enough energy to keep the phone on standby mode but with a very restricted amount of talk time."

You can read the blog post here. Spotted via Slashdot.