Sunday, February 26, 2017
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Turing goes from pariah to being on a stamp

No local geeky tidbits that I can find this morning, so let's note the news about computer pioneer Alan Turing. He was hounded and imprisoned in his native Britain a half-century ago for being homosexual, even though his code-breaking work helped the Allies win World War II, and as a result he may have committed suicide by eating a poisoned apple (there is some uncertainty about whether it was just an accident).

Now Turing will be on a Royal Mail stamp as part of a series titled Britons of Distinction. Times do change. Here's the story in the UK's Guardian.

Compared to many places, Britain usually does pretty well honoring its scientists. After all, Newton, Darwin and Ernest Rutherford are all buried in the nave of Westminster Abbey, which is a sort of secular enshrinement.