Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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18-month effort aims to boost broadband speed in rural parts of N.H.

It's a funny thing, but when I go looking for copy for this blog I sometimes forget about my own stories. So I never linked to a story that ran a couple of days ago about Network New Hampshire Now, which is building a "middle-mile" fiber network to help broadband come to the southwest, Connecticut River valley and north country, with a "last-mile" fiber in Ridge and Enfield.

This project is designed to bring high-speed Internet to under-served parts of the state by June 30, 2013, which is quite fast considering its size.

My story talks about a not-very-geeky aspect of the issue: The difficulty of figuring out which wires will go where on all those utility poles. A non-trivial problem, as it turns out.

Here's the whole story, with a nice map of the network attached.