Monday, March 30, 2015
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MakeIt Labs situation is just the sort of thing hackerspaces worry about

I've got a big story in The Telegraph today about the shutdown of MakeIt Labs - you can read it here. The good news is that Nashua officialdom (which didn't even know MakeIt Labs existed - they need to read the local paper more!) thinks the whole idea is cool and want it to reopen.

I think the best tidbit for the geek world is a quote from one of the board members of Artisan's Asylum, a just-opened hackerspace in Somerville, Mass.:

What happened at MakeIt Labs is the sort of thing that kept us up at night," said Molly Rubenstein, director of operations for Artisans Asylum, a much larger makerspace that just opened in Somerville, Mass. "There is a sense that makerspaces and hackerspaces are on the edge. They tend to illicit suspicion from inspectors and city governments because of what could go wrong."