Tuesday, February 21, 2017
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MakeItLabs, the new ‘hackerspace’ in Nashua, closed by the city for permits, other issues

NASHUA – A high-tech “do it yourself” operation on Crown Street has been closed by the city because of questions about permits and possibly other issues, but hopes to be running again soon.

The non-profit operation, known as MakeItLabs, was visited by city officials Wednesday morning, according to Adam Shrey of Hudson, a member of the board of directors. A number of questions were raised, partly because of the unusual scope of the project, which provides space and tools for members to work on projects ranging from automotive repairs to 3-D modeling to software design – described by one member as “the gym membership for engineering professionals.”

“It sucks that we have to be down to deal with red tape,” said Shrey. “But it doesn’t seem like they’re gunning to get us.”

MakeItLabs is part of a loose movement known as “maker,” which emphasizes creating things rather than buying them, especially if its done in a collaborative area often called “hackerspace.”

The operation, which opened in July in a former foundry on Crown Street near the Merrimack River after moving from Lowell, Mass.

Among those who have visited are teens from the Innovation Academy in Tyngsborough, Mass., which used the space to build go-karts for a competition.